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Silicone rubber use
Dec 11, 2017

Use / Silicone rubber

1,  silicone products is the production of copiers, keyboards, electronic  dictionaries, remote control, toys, silicone keys and other  indispensable components.

2, can be used to do  durable shaped gasket, electronic parts packaging materials, automotive  electronic parts maintenance materials.

3, can be used to make electronic components, molded pressure point high edge.

4, can be used for the production of conductive silicone, medical silicone, foam silicone, molding silicone and so on.

5, for housing construction and repair, high-speed joint sealing joints, bridges and other sealing works.

6, can be used for baby products, baby products, baby bottles, bottle protective cover.

7, can be used for kitchen products, kitchen utensils production and related auxiliary kitchenware products.

8,  can be used for medical equipment accessories, due to colorless,  odorless and non-toxic silicone and other characteristics are widely  used in the medical profession.


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