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What is Linatex Rubber
Aug 02, 2017

LINATEX Rubber Sheet. Linatex rubber is 95% pure natural rubber with excellent elasticity, strength, machinability, tear resistance and abrasion resistance. Linatex rubber, its anti-wear rubber is still a quality product for sliding or wet friction services. It is our unique patented manufacturing process that gives Linatex Rubber excellent physical properties and outstanding performance. Linatex's manufacturing process is different from other manufacturing processes, minimizing the impact of mechanical disturbances in the manufacturing process on the molecular structure of famous rubber, providing users with inexpensive quality products. In the wet friction, Linatex products and technology is no one enemy. Features  The performance of its resistance to fine particle slurry wear is recognized as "the best in the industry" • Excellent resistance to machinability and tear resistance • High elasticity, low modulus performance • Resistant to chemicals Erosion Application Linatex® Hybrids are available for almost unlimited limits • Pipe lining • Slide lining • Oil tank lining • Hydrocyclone  Pumps • Hoses  Valve lining  Transmission belt Product dimensions and inventory Standard board size: 9.25 m x 1.23 m (approx. 30 ft x 4 ft) Partial reservation Sheet Standard Thickness range: 1.5 mm to 35.0 mm.



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