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Die cutting silicone rubber gasket

  • Silicone Rubber Sponge Tube

    Contact NowSilicone Rubber Sponge Tube1. silicone rubber sponge tube are resistance to ultraviolet radiation, ozone resistance, resistance to extreme temperature and flame retardant; 2. silicone rubber sponge tube are good heat insulation effect, wide temperature range, good weather resistance, durability 2. silicone rubber sponge tube can be customized according to customer requirements specifications 4. silicone rubber sponge tube are harmless non-toxic tasteless, environmental protection 5. silicone rubber sponge tube are high pressure resistance, using 100% silicone raw materiaRead More

  • Thin Silicone Rubber Membrane Sheet For Vacuum Forming Press System Manufacturer In China

    Contact NowThin Silicone Rubber Membrane Sheet For Vacuum Forming Press System Manufacturer In China1、silicone membrane for vacuum forming is popular in vacuum press machine industry, it can resistant high temperature. 2、Thin silicone rubber membrane not only can be used in negative vacuum machine, but also suitable for positive and negative vacuum machine. 3、The size of 2700*1350*2mm, can be matched in 2500*1150*75mm work table. Because silicone membrane for vacuum press system should bigger than work table, 200mm is enough. 4、There are two style silicon membrane, one is white transparent silicone membrane, the other is gray transparent silicone membrane. 5.Since the earliest days of 3D lamination, We have cooperated with 3DL component produce as well as membrane press and vacuum forming manufacturers in order to supply the most effective, high-quality silicone membrane press to the woodworking industry. We are honored to offer a consistent and valued product to the woodworking, solar, solid surface, composite, dye sublimation and steel-rule die industries.Read More

  • Smooth Surface Gray Color Silicone Foam Sponge Rubber Sheet Roll

    Contact NowSmooth Surface Gray Color Silicone Foam Sponge Rubber Sheet RollFeatures: 1. Excellent memory and low stress relaxation reduces maintenance costs associated with gasket failures due to compression set and softening 2. Resistance to UL, ozone, extreme temperatures, and flame enables consistent performance in all environments. 3. Environmental seals to protect...Read More

  • Closed Cell Silicone Rubber Foam Sponge Pads For Heat Press Manufacturer

    Contact NowClosed Cell Silicone Rubber Foam Sponge Pads For Heat Press Manufacturer1. Silicone rubber pad is good for heat transfer machine or sublimation heat press machine. 2. Silicone rubber press pads also can be called as silicone foam sheet or silicone sponge sheet. 3. Silicone rubber foam pad can be used for thermal insulation on equipments. 4. Silicone rubber press pads can be closed cell and open cell and also can produce silicone foam pad with holes on it.Read More

  • Silicone Sponge Foam Sleeve

    Contact NowSilicone Sponge Foam SleeveSilicone sponge foam sleeve are made of foam silicone rubber.It is closed cell silicone type. It can be produce to various sized based on customer's requirements. It can be high heat resistant, widely used for protective on tools and tubes,and it can be used for insulation sleeves. Silicone sponge foam sleeve is the best products which can work in the high temperature over 200C.Read More

  • Heat Press Silicone Pad

    Contact NowHeat Press Silicone PadHeat press silicone pad are widely used for heat press machine or heat transfer machine. It has closed cell and medium density. It can be used to make various shapes of seal cushions, mats, gaskets and so on, widely used in various industries, such as automotive, medical, machinery, electrical appliance and so on.It has excellent heat aging resistance, ozone resistance, insulation, and fuel oil and lubricating oil. It can work in air or oil medium at temperatures ranging from -60 to + 250 ° C.Read More

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