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round silicone foam rubber cord

  • Silicone Sponge Foam Sleeve

    Contact NowSilicone Sponge Foam SleeveSilicone sponge foam sleeve are made of foam silicone rubber.It is closed cell silicone type. It can be produce to various sized based on customer's requirements. It can be high heat resistant, widely used for protective on tools and tubes,and it can be used for insulation sleeves. Silicone sponge foam sleeve is the best products which can work in the high temperature over 200C.Read More

  • High Temperature Silicone Foam Sheet

    Contact NowHigh Temperature Silicone Foam Sheethigh temperature silicone foam sheet are made of virgin silicone rubber.It is devided into open cell silicone foam sheet and closed cell silicone foam sheet. And closed cell silicone foam sheet can be devided into fabric impression surface silicone sheet and smooth surface silicone sheet. It is widely used for heat transfer machine and sublimation machines and it can be used for insulation material for equipments.Read More

  • Vulcanized Open Cell Natural Rubber Sponge

    Contact NowVulcanized Open Cell Natural Rubber Spongevulcanized open cell natural rubber sponge is a kind of sponge rubber made of natural rubber, it is widely used for wiping board,painting tools and other cleaning usage.Read More

  • High Quality Flexible Red Natural Rubber Sheet Roll Manufacturer

    Contact NowHigh Quality Flexible Red Natural Rubber Sheet Roll Manufacturer1. natural rubber roll has excellent mechanical properties. 2. natural rubber sheet roll available in a wide range of hardnesses from 35º to 90º Sh.A. 3. red natural rubber sheet has low compression set and high resilience. 4. Excellent dynamic and rebound properties. 5. natural rubber roll temperature range: -50º C to +90º C. 6. wear resistant rubber sheet resistance to chemicals; good resistance to acids, alkalis and salts. 7. natural rubber sheet roll are good flexibility, high elasticity and abrasion resistantRead More

  • Orange Open Cell Natural Rubber Sponge Foam Pad

    Contact NowOrange Open Cell Natural Rubber Sponge Foam Pad1.natural rubber sponge pad are mostly be used on wipe clay tablets and be made from high grade rubber material. 2.open cell natural sponge pad used for cleaning the glasses and hard surface 3.orange natural rubber foam used for textile and powder cleaning 4.natural sponge pad used for construction 5.Painting toolsRead More

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