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  • Food Grade Silicone Rubber Gasket

    Contact NowFood Grade Silicone Rubber Gasket1) silicone rubber gasket can resistance to high and low temperature (-70~220°C)  2) silicone gasket has wide range of hardness( Shore A(40~70)±5) 3) silicone gasket are smelless and odorless 4) Clear silicone gasket are transparent, easily colored 5) silicone gasket can resistant to chemicals 6) silicone gasket are good sealing performance 7) Die cutting silicone gasket can resistant to compression deformation 8) Die cut silicone gasket are easy to processing and manufacturing with high production efficiency.Read More

  • Transparent Silicone Rubber Seal

    Contact NowTransparent Silicone Rubber SealSilicone rubber seal are Safe for dishwasher, microwave, oven and freezer Silicone seals are unbreakable,easy to keep its shape Transpareny silicone seal are available in any colors & sizes Silicone rubber seal can be stored easilyRead More

  • Buy Silicone Rubber Sheet

    Contact NowBuy Silicone Rubber Sheet• Silicone rubber sheet can resistance to heat (dry air), at +220°C continuous and +250°C intermittent. • Silicone rubber sheet remains flexible at low temperatures of -70°C. • Silicone rubber sheet can Resistant to ultra-violet light, ozone and weathering. • Silicone rubber sheet exhibits low flammability and low smoke toxicity.  • Silicone rubber sheet has good electrical insulation properties.Read More

  • Colorful Mixed Size High Elasticity Rubbber Bands Natural Rubbber Band Ball

    Contact NowColorful Mixed Size High Elasticity Rubbber Bands Natural Rubbber Band BallIntroduction: Natural rubber band Ball are manufactured by natural rubber band, qualities standard for exporting, very competitive prices. We have 50-100% rubber band , Natural color , assorted color. The size of natural elastic band can be 15mm,25mm,32mm,38mm,43mm,50mm,60mm,70mm and so on. The...Read More

  • Silicone Rubber Membrane For Vacuum Press

    Contact NowSilicone Rubber Membrane For Vacuum Press1.Transparent silicone membrane is chemically inert with no odor or outgassing properties in its solid state. 2.Transparent rubber membrane maintains good tensile strength for a thinner material. 3.Silicone membrane is very clear but not optically clear. 4.Silicone membrane sheet used for vacuum forming machine and solar laminationRead More

  • Natural Rubber Membrane

    Contact NowNatural Rubber Membrane1.Natural rubber membrane are high tensile strength and elongation. 2.Natural rubber membrane are excellent dynamic and rebound properties. 3.Natural rubber membrane are made from natural gum rubber. 4.Natural rubber sheet can resistance to chemicals,good resistance to acids,alkalis and salts.Read More

  • Transparent Flat Silicone Rubber Washer

    Contact NowTransparent Flat Silicone Rubber Washer1) silicone rubber washer can resistance to high and low temperature (-70~220°C) 2) silicone rubber washer has a wide range of hardness(10~80 Shore A) 3) silicone rubber washer are tasteless and odorless 4) silicone rubber washer can resistant to chemicals 5)silicone washer are good sealing performanceRead More

  • Transparent Silicone Rubber Sheet Roll

    Contact NowTransparent Silicone Rubber Sheet Roll1.Transparent silicone rubber sheet are temperature Resistance 2.Transparent silicone rubber sheet are high Flexibility 3.Clear silicone rubber sheet are water Resistance 4.Silicone sheet are good Electrical Insulation Properties 5.Silicone rubber sheet are Acid And Alkali ResistanceRead More

  • Natural Membrane Rubber Sheet

    Contact NowNatural Membrane Rubber SheetNatural Rubber Sheet is with good physical, mechanical characters and insulation property.Work in the environment with the high requirement of the electrical modulus at the temperature of -35°C~+100°C in the dry air. Natural sheet can be applied to produce the buffer ring and seals, o-ring, rubber gasket, etc.It has excellent abrasion resistance, soldering resistance,excellent elastic ability and sealing.Read More

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