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silicone sponge sleeving

  • Silicone Foam Rubber Tubing

    Contact NowSilicone Foam Rubber Tubingsilicone foam rubber tubing can be widely used in aviation, electronic, petroleum, chemical, mechanical, electrical, medical, oven, food, and other industrial department of the good electrical insulating sealing,liquid transportation materials.Silicone foam tube is manufactured by good silicone with scientific formula, via dvanced technology processing.silicone foam rubber tubing has good flexibility,high temperature resistance, and good stability, can be widely used for providing insulation protection for household electric appliance, industrial electric appliance.Read More

  • Colorful White Blue Round High Temperature Silicone Sponge Foam Rubber Tube For Tools

    Contact NowColorful White Blue Round High Temperature Silicone Sponge Foam Rubber Tube For Tools1.colorful silicone foam tube are widely used in door, window and high temperature machines industry. 2.silicone rubber sponge tube are extruded products which are made of special silicone raw material, adding some proportion of foam auxiliary material to form the shape of sponge honeycomb. 3.high temperature silicone foam tube are called foam silicone hose, sponge silicone tube, heat retaining silicone tube or heat insulation silicone tube. 4.silicone rubber foam tube have excellent properties of heat resistance, ozone resistance, insulation, permanent compression set value, elasticity and sealing. 5. round silicone sponge tube are usually used in the parts of heat preserving, heat shielding, damping,noise reducing, waterproof sealing and weight reducing.Read More

  • Flexible High Temperature Heat Resistant Protective Silicone Foam Sponge Rubber Tube Hose

    Contact NowFlexible High Temperature Heat Resistant Protective Silicone Foam Sponge Rubber Tube HoseMaterial: Special Silicone, Foam auxiliary Color: Customized Hardness (shore C): 15°~70°±5° Density (g/cm3): 0.2~1.0±0.1 Tearing Strength(KN/m):≥2 Tensile Strength(Mpa):≥0.8 Elongation at Break %:≥200 Working Temperature (℃): -40~200° Smell: Slight Flammability (UL-94):HB~V-0 Thermal Conductivity W/m.k:≤0.1 Permanent Compression Set Value 25%: ≤12 Grade :ROHSRead More

  • Silicone Sponge Foam Sleeve

    Contact NowSilicone Sponge Foam SleeveSilicone sponge foam sleeve are made of foam silicone rubber.It is closed cell silicone type. It can be produce to various sized based on customer's requirements. It can be high heat resistant, widely used for protective on tools and tubes,and it can be used for insulation sleeves. Silicone sponge foam sleeve is the best products which can work in the high temperature over 200C.Read More

  • Silicone Foam Tube Insulation

    Contact NowSilicone Foam Tube InsulationSilicone foam tube insulation are made of silicone foam rubber, it is closed cell type silicone foam products. It can resistant high temperature of 250C and it has good properties for thermal insulation on equipments. Also silicone foam tube can be used for protective on tools or iron tubes. Silicone foam tube insulation can be produced to very low density to 0.4g/cm3. Any colors are available.Read More

  • Silicone Rubber Sponge Tube

    Contact NowSilicone Rubber Sponge Tube1. silicone rubber sponge tube are resistance to ultraviolet radiation, ozone resistance, resistance to extreme temperature and flame retardant; 2. silicone rubber sponge tube are good heat insulation effect, wide temperature range, good weather resistance, durability 2. silicone rubber sponge tube can be customized according to customer requirements specifications 4. silicone rubber sponge tube are harmless non-toxic tasteless, environmental protection 5. silicone rubber sponge tube are high pressure resistance, using 100% silicone raw materiaRead More

  • Low Density Closed Cell Red Heat Insulation Silicone Foam Sponge Tube

    Contact NowLow Density Closed Cell Red Heat Insulation Silicone Foam Sponge Tube1). Non-toxic, odorless, transparent, flame retardant, non-yellowing 2). Soft, flexible, kink resistance to deformation 3). Not cracking, durable, resistant to high and cold temperature 4). High tear strength and superior electrical performance 5). Various sizes, colors, durometer could be available 6).Oil,heat,low-temperature,ozone/UV resistantRead More

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