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Low density soft silicone foam sponge ruber sheet
Aug 02, 2017

Silicone foam sheet bring in foreign foam technology, foam uniformity, the density can be done 0.3-0.95g / cm3, Shore hardness 5-30A. Environmental non-toxic odorless, good elasticity, good flexibility, no air bubbles on the surface. Artistic foam silicone board high strength, long life, high temperature up to 250 ℃ long-term use is not deformed. Foam silicone board insulation environmental protection, high and low temperature resistance, compression resistance, acid and alkali anti-aging, anti-ultraviolet.



1. Silicone foam sheet has excellent heat-resistant air aging properties, ozone resistance, insulation, and resistant to fuel oil and lubricants, can be in the temperature -60 ~ +250 ℃ under the conditions of air or oil medium work.

2. Strong sealing ability, can effectively prevent the small particles and rain.

3. Sealed, dustproof, moisture, airtight and shading, vibration isolation, fire

4. Use vibration isolation in electronic equipment and vehicles

5. For the punching of a variety of strict requirements of the sealing gasket, pad

6, in the tide of water or temperature rise, the change is small, even if the short-circuit combustion of silicon dioxide is still insulator, which ensures that electrical equipment to continue to work, so the most suitable for the production of wires, cables, lead wiring.



1, Silicone foam ruber pad can apply to Heat press machine, electronic appliances, mechanical seals and other industries. Can solve some of the national defense industry, civilian industry in all aspects of supporting equipment needs. Applicable to electrical and electronic, mechanical seals and other industries, can do pressure, shock absorption, and long-term use is not easy to crack, according to the different requirements of customers die into any shape of the sheet,

2, transportation: shipbuilding industry applications: marine silica gel shocks. Hydraulic system silicone seal, oil seal, car brake cap. Bowls. Hose. Foam silicone seal ring, exhaust system shaft seal. Spark plug sets. Ignition line Piston ring. Rotor engine dynamic with "O" ring.

3, radio, motor: telecommunications industry: TV and oscilloscope in the high-pressure cap. Potentiometer silicone seal and silicone insulation sleeve. Thyristor housing. Contact the gas seal. Insulation sleeve. Switch protective cover, electronic computer, telephone surface conductive rubber film, keyboard switch, varistor and so on. Silicone sealed electric head. Insulation of motor stator coils

4, equipment, instrumentation industry applications: a variety of silicone rubber lead wire (for condenser light gyro, coil. Transformer. Transformer. For lead wire) refrigerator defrost line. Heating lines and so on. A variety of regulators in the sensitive components of the diaphragm, the instrument with heating film, resistant to needle rubber sheet (high to engage in silicone rubber). Instrument shock absorber. Indicator Silicone Foamed Color Lamp Set. Drying oven. Electric furnace. Far infrared heater door seal, strip. Yiguang sponge door seal (replace toxic asbestos door seal). The boiler is sealed. Refrigeration device seal and silicone hose.


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