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Silicone rubber main two main products
May 03, 2017

Silicone Rubber Two main products

Liquid silicone Rubber (LSR) and high concentrations of rubber (HCR) are two major silicone rubber products. Liquid silicone resins usually consist of mixing and thermal curing two parts of the system, liquid silicone rubber can be cast into tablets or injection molding, often mixed and provided to the formation of the glue manufacturers are molded or rotated to solidify into thin flakes.

Liquid silicone Rubber (LSR): Low hardness choice, faster molding cycle, lower product cost, clean curing process.

High-concentration Rubber (HCR): better mechanical, wider temperature range, low cost, better compression resistance.

Two common curing system

There are two main systems used to deal with silicone: adding vulcanization and peroxide vulcanization. Add-molded silicone, usually platinum-catalyzed, often formulated in clean, low-available rubber for medical devices or food processing. In addition to the system is usually the same as the LSR but are ready-made.

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