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Silicone rubber seals can be widely used in the current industry
May 03, 2017

When it comes to sealing strips, many people are already very familiar, because all aspects of life can be used. Because of its own characteristics, leading to many industries are in use, I believe that future development will be better.

Silicone Rubber Sealing Strip application industry:

1, with the change of human habitation environment, modern architectural doors and windows experienced from steel doors and windows to PVC doors and windows, ordinary aluminum alloy doors and windows to the broken bridge insulation doors and windows, System doors and windows, the development of the construction of the industry has led to the replacement of seals, from the original natural rubber seal of the era, the development of modern seals, sealing strip in doors and windows accessories role in the position also increasingly appear.

2, Transportation: Shipbuilding industry application, marine silicone shockproof parts. Hydraulic system Silicone Seal, oil seal, automotive brake rubber cap, leather bowl, hose. Foam seal RING, exhaust system shaft seal, spark plug sleeve, ignition line, piston, rotor engine dynamic use O-ring.

3, Silicone rubber seal Application Industry radio, motor, telecommunications industry: television and oscilloscope high-voltage cap. The silicone seal rings and silicone insulation sleeves for potentiometer. The shell of SCR tube, contact with gas seal ring, insulation casing, switch shield, computer, telephone face conductive rubber sheet, keyboard switch, varistor and so on. Sealing electrical seal Head, motor stator coil insulation.

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