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What are the common molding methods for producing silica gel products
May 03, 2017

Silicone Products Molding Method:

1, Molded silica gel: Refers to solid silica gel raw materials after adding vulcanizing agent in the mold cavity, after the vulcanizing machine to mold high temperature pressure molding a silicone products, such as foam silica gel, molded silica gel hardness is usually 2 to 8. Raw material matching cream in accordance with the Panton color card number to bring up a variety of different colors, the shape of the mold determines the shape of molded silica gel products, molded silicone products are currently used in the industry of a wider range of one.

2, Extrusion silica gel: Extrusion silica Gel products are extrusion machine through silicone molding, the general extrusion silicone shape is long, tubular can be arbitrarily cut, but the shape of extrusion silicone has limitations in medical devices, food machinery widely used, cheap.

3, Silicone products molding method, liquid silica Gel: Liquid silica gel products are barrels of liquid silica gel, through injection molding, product soft, environmental safety, hardness can reach 10 to 40, because of its soft, safe characteristics.

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