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What are the reasons for the long history of O-ring sealing
May 03, 2017

Sealing O-ring seems to be crude, however, the handling of a fixed seal leak can always change the opinion. The purpose of the following article is to provide a basic method that will help prevent the time consuming, costly, and control of the potential hazard consequences of O-ring seal leaks.

Silicone rubber Sealing rings The O-ring is a torus, or a doughnut-shaped object, usually compressed or deformed by a elastic seal. O-ring can be traced back to the 1939, in the last century 40 and 50 The early 1990s, the O-ring evolved into the military hydraulic standard seal. The standard size and design guidelines established by the army, with few exceptions, are still in use today.

In the mid to in the 1950 of the 20th century, O-ring shifted to the industrial sector. Soon, O-ring is designed to be from farm equipment to automobiles, plumbing equipment, and even jewelry! Today, billions of of the O-ring is used to seal virtually any device in every corner of the world.

O-ring is considered an elegant, simple, reliable, and the following is the O-ring seal reason:

1, O-ring, two-way sealed, O-type sealing ring can compensate for the beating of tolerance, in a certain range, O-ring is reusable.

2, O-ring elasticity, thus eliminating the bolt tightening, O-ring does not require any special installation tools or primers, O-ring sealed small items footprint, improve sealing performance.

3, silicone rubber sealing rings for O-ring sealing reasons: the symmetry of the circular cross-section of O-ring permits in any direction (radial, axial seals, or angles), O-ring is made from a different compound that resists almost all corrosive chemicals and applications in the environment.

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