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What are the reasons for the peculiar smell of silicone products used in daily life
May 03, 2017

Silicone Products Smell Reason:

1, foaming silicone rubber factory to introduce the problem of oil. Perhaps this problem will be more surprising, some feel oil originally is not very heavy flavor, but after the oil spray operation, but will have a very heavy flavor. Diffuse or the hair after a period of time still has not changed the situation, this situation will consider the type of oil change feel.

2, vulcanizing agent problem. The ingredients and formulations of the vulcanizing agent may also cause the product to smell, and this is a large proportion. The sulfur element itself is a flavor, if the process is improperly handled, it is likely that there will be a stink. The smell is naturally unacceptable to the average user.

3, Silicone products smell reason: Silk printing problems, if silk screen raw materials, nature is to consider how to make the raw material taste smaller or even disappear. The product can usually be dispersed in the production process and blow with a large fan. This can effectively reduce the flavor of silicone products. If this method does not work, then you may want to consider changing the material.

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