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What is silicone foam rubber sheet
May 26, 2017


1,silicone foam sheet has excellent thermal aging properties, ozone resistance, insulation, and resistance to fuel oil and lubricants, at temperatures -60~+250 degrees Celsius in the air or oil medium work.

2.It has strong ability of sealing and can effectively prevent small dusts

3,silicone sponge sheet has properties of sealing, dust-proof, moisture-proof, airtight and shading, vibration isolation, fire protection

4,it can be used for vibration isolation in electronic equipment and vehicles

5, It can be used for punching all kinds of gasket and bottom plate

6,silicone foam rubber sheet is an insulator, which guarantee the electrical equipment to work, so it's the most suitable for the production of wire and cable, wiring.


1, with three functions and water enhancement, UV protection function, can be used outdoors for a long time.

2, insulation level: H class

3, power frequency voltage: greater than or equal to 15KV/mm

4 tensile fracture strength: 3.5Mpa

5, elongation 480%

6 tear strength: 12KN/M

7, Brinell hardness: 35, 5 degrees

8, relative density: 0.85 0.5g/cm³

9, performance testing methods, typical values, physical properties: gray, red, black and white, brown, orange

Thickness: (mm) tolerance 0.8mm-60mm + 0.1

Standard width, (mm) 500-1200

Product color:

Red, gray, white, black color, other colors can be customized, suitable for machinery, heat transfer, hot stamping, heat transfer equipment, heat insulation, shockproof, electronic, mechanical seal etc..


1, no odor, foaming uniform, good resilience, high strength, long service life, temperature resistance can reach 280 degrees or more, without deformation. The product plane parallelism tolerance is + 0.05mm.

2, back tape self-adhesive, sealing better, high temperature adhesive, long-term use does not fall off. Foaming silicone rubber, uniform foaming, density can be achieved 0.25-0.85g/cm3, shore hardness 8-30A.

3, environmental protection non-toxic, no odor, good rebound flexibility, good flexibility, surface no bubbles, no pores. Product insulation, environmental protection, high and low temperature, resistance to compression, acid, alkali, anti-aging, anti ultraviolet.

Application fields:

1, silicone foam sheet are suitable for hot stamping equipment, electronic appliances, mechanical seal etc.. Can solve some national defense, civil, industrial equipment in all aspects of matching needs. Applicable to electronics, electrical appliances, mechanical seals and other industries, can do the press, shock absorption, and long-term use, not easy to crack, according to customer requirements, die-cutting into any shape of the sheet, can be prepared glue.

2. Transportation: application in shipbuilding industry: Marine silica gel shock proof parts. Hydraulic system silicone seals, oil seals, car brake rubber cap. Leather bowl. Rubber hose。 Foam silicone rubber seal, seal exhaust system. Spark plug sleeve. Ignition line. Piston ring。 The rotor engine is dynamically "O" - shaped.

3. Radio and motor: Telecommunication Industry: high pressure cap in TV set and oscilloscope. Shell of silicon controlled tube. Sealing ring for contacting gas. Insulating sleeve. Switch covers, electronic computers, telephone surfaces, conductive rubber sheets, keyboard switches, varistors, etc.. Silicone sealing electric head. Insulation of stator coil of motor

4 . instrument and instrument industry application: all kinds of silicon rubber lead wiring (used for capacitor, light glow device, coil. Transformer。 Mutual inductor. Defrosting line of refrigerator. Heating wire, etc.. Diaphragms of sensitive elements in various regulators, heating sheets for instruments, and needle resistant rubber sheets (high strength silicone rubber). Instrument shock absorber. Indicator silicone foam color lamp sleeve. Drying box. Electric stove. The far infrared heater door seal strip. Boiler seal. Sealing and silica gel hose is good for refrigerating device.

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