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What is the performance of a wide range of silicone rubber materials
May 03, 2017

It has the resilience, high temperature stability and so on comprehensive performance, it has the general inertia, is available in any other. Silicone is generally not affected by prolonged exposure to temperatures 100 to 500, also resistant to aging and degradation, especially sunlight and ozone.

Long term compression set resistor

Silicone Rubber Sealing Ring Introduction to the correct design of silicone foam and silicone sponge outdoor shell gasket can effectively seal the storm and dust, design can meet the Nirvana shell and IP specifications. Unlike most organic elastomers such as EPDM and neoprene, silicone can maintain its elasticity in a wide range of temperature and resist a permanent compression sets.

Flame Retardant Ability

Silicone rubber can be composite flame retardant to achieve UL94V0,UL94V1 and UL94HF1 certification. Flame retardant sealed cell silicone rubber sponge and silica gel analysis instruments and foam gaskets used in telecommunications equipment are used in the control of public transport systems. Even if silicone rubber burns at extreme temperatures, by-products are non-toxic and any residual ash continues to provide electrical insulation.

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