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Vulcanized Open Cell Natural Rubbber Sponge

Vulcanized Open Cell Natural Rubbber Sponge

vulcanized open cell natural rubber sponge is a kind of sponge rubber made of natural rubber, it is widely used for wiping board,painting tools and other cleaning usage.


Open cell natural rubber sponge is made of natural rubber and latex rubber. The normal color is orange, so it also called orange sponge rubber. It is widely used for Trowels on construction and painting tools on gallery and also used on wiping board. It can be used for cleaning the dirty or powder on the hard surface. The density of natural foam rubber pad is very low, about 0.3g/cm3. It is an good Wear-resisting sponge material and have long service life.

1.Open cell natural rubber sponge are mostly be used on wipe clay tablets and be made from high grade natural rubber material. 
2.Open cell natural rubber sponge can cleaning the glasses and hard surface 
3.Open cell natural sponge can be used for textile and powder cleaning
4.Orange sponge rubber can be used on construction
5.Orange natural rubber sponge are widely used on painting tools

Standard size:
470mm x 520mm x 20mm  
520mm x 840mm x 50mm
100mm x 960mm x 20mm
600mm x 960mm x 20mm
250mm x 250mm x 30mm

Other size and thickness can be customized.
Density: 0.15-0.36g/cm3

Normal size:
520mm x 470mmx100mm, 520mm x 470mm x 60mm, 520mm x 470mm x 20mm, 
280mm x140mm 10mm, 280mm x140mm 20mm, 280mm x140mm 30mm, 
152.4mm x 76.2mm x 19.05mm
152.4mm x 76.2mm x 38.1mm
88.9mm x 50.8mm x19.05mm
82.55mm x 108mm x 50mm
25mm x 45mm x 75mm

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