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How Complex The Processing Process Of Rubber Products
May 03, 2017

No matter what rubber products, all must undergo mixing and curing these two processes. For many rubber products, such as hose, tape, tire, etc., also need to undergo calendering, pressure out of these two processes, silicone rubber seal to Menni viscosity higher than the rubber, but also plastic. Therefore, the basic and important processing process of rubber processing includes the following phases:

1, plastic refining: reducing the molecular weight of raw rubber, increase plasticity, improve machinability.

2, mixing: Mixing the ingredients in the formula evenly, made into mixing glue.

3, Rubber products processing process, calendering: mixing glue or textile materials, steel wire and other skeleton material through the press, pressure type, laminating, rub glue, glue and other operations to make a certain specification of semi-finished products process.

4, pressure out: mixing rubber through the mouth pressure out of various sections of semi-finished process, such as inner tubes, tread, tire side, hose and so on.

5, Vulcanization: The last process of rubber processing, through a certain temperature, pressure and time, the chemical reactions of large molecules of rubber produce cross-linking process.

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