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Identify The Methods Of Silicone Rubber Products Which Are Valid
May 03, 2017

Silicone Rubber Products Identification method:

1, measure weight, take out samples, use electronic or analytical balance, accurate to 0.01 grams can be, such as distinguishing silicone rubber seal is easy, because of the weight of large, 1.8%, CR Eco-more than 1.3% of the proportion of the obvious big can be considered these glue.

2, combustion law, first to remove a small number of products, after burning. Generally burning up the effect is general, and CR,CSM is not a fire to support it extinguished, nr, EPDM combustion flame is relatively large. In addition, you can carefully observe the combustion state, color, smell. such as NBR/PVC and glue, fire ignition when the splash, out of the fire, smoke strong and sour.

3, Silicone Rubber Products identification method, test elasticity: rubber, latex is better elastic, silicone rubber is relatively fragile, in the selection, can first try the elasticity, if the elasticity is good, it is possible to be rubber.

4, look at the color: rubber, latex because of impurities, not transparent color products, and rubber office supplies is colorless transparent, transparent silicone rubber products must be made of silicone raw materials.

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