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It Is Difficult To Remove The Edges Of Silica Gel Products
May 03, 2017

Silica gel products in the process of production of a little attention will appear some bad situation, such as bad silicone product elasticity, and some are the surface will have burrs, and not so easy to remove, this is mainly with their own characteristics of some relationship, this is worthy of our attention.

Silicone products Burrs Removal difficult reasons:

1, the curing temperature is too high or curing time is too long. Silicone product molding When the temperature is too high or curing time too long, will lead to product molding after numbness or brittle, whether it is numb or become brittle, to the demolition side has a great impact, such as silicone rubber seal products.

2, curing temperature is too low or curing time is too short. The silicone products are brittle, silicone rubber products are not fully vulcanized when flexibility is very strong, so when dismantling, it is not easy to make burrs and product separation.

3, mold self-dismantling design unreasonable or the production of quality not clearance or mold used to be worn too long, design mold time is unreasonable, making molds when the demolition of the mouth is not sharp can lead to the product after molding hard to dismantle. In addition, the mold in the production process of wear, or the number of sand blasting too much will also cause the demolition of coarse meal will affect the silicone product molding after the self-disassembly performance.

4, the molding thickness is too thick, note: As long as the molding in the case of the size of qualified to make as thin as possible.

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