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Swelling Of Rubber Sealing Products
May 03, 2017

According to the knowledge of organic chemistry, solvents can affinity polymers, but some organic compounds are not easy to dissolve, they will adsorb solvent molecules to expand the volume; hydrophilic polymers will absorb water molecules and expand, which is the swelling of the so-called polar substances.

Swelling can also be interpreted from the principle of similar dissolution, which can be mutually soluble in contact or at a certain pressure and temperature, but it is not related to the gravitational attraction between molecules.

Swelling property is one of the commonness of rubber or polymers.

In some solvents, cross-linked rubber or other polymers generally do not dissolve, but solvent molecules will enter into the gap in the polymer chain, increase the volume of the chain, so the volume of the polymer swelling and swelling.

After rubber swelling, the general mechanical properties will fall sharply.

Swelling is a very important property of rubber, so rubber should be avoided as far as possible with similar polar solvents.

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