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The Kind Of Silicone Products You Don't Know About Everyday
May 03, 2017

Recent time, silicone this common and common products have been unconsciously gradually stepped into the daily life, in exclamation these they develop rapidly, have to admit that it does meet some of our needs, and the application is also very extensive.

Silicone Product Category:

1, Silicone mobile phone sets

Because silicone rubber seal ring to do soft skin, texture soft, plasticity and other characteristics, made out of the colorful mobile phone set is pursued, once those with two long ears of mobile phone sets have Meng you?

2, Silicone hand ring

Silicone Products Category: To see these colorful hand circles recall the students of the kind of struggle for the college entrance Examination Passion, and several sisters Amoy with the same style of hand to prove the purity of friendship.

3, Silicone Gloves

Silicone gloves harmless to human body, high, low temperature, steaming, boiling, water vapor resistance, green and environmental protection. When baking bread, do you look forward to having a pair of silicone-insulated gloves like this? Bright and beautiful color, lovely and lively shape, when it sees its first glance, it has been identified.

4, Silicone waterproof ring

Silicone waterproof ring is a of silica gel materials of O-ring. Silicone rubber sealing ring, silicone products, a products, silica gel as the material ring products, silicone waterproof ring is mainly used for waterproof, sealing occasions.

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