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What Common Knowledge Of Silicone Tubes Is That You Don't Know
May 03, 2017

Silica Gel tube surface color can be manufactured any color, but it is a point of customization and proofing, some colors in proofing can be compared to the trouble, and foaming silicone bar, because it is not the color of the conventional color in debugging, after a long time, then its general color has black, red, blue, white, green, transparent color, gray and so on.

Silicone Tube common sense: Silicone tube features, mainly by a new type of polymer with elastic raw materials manufactured, in the early stage of its large characteristics is heat resistance, can be compared to any plastic products, high temperature resistance, and low temperature resistance, high temperature reaches 150 ℃ to 350 ℃, has a kind of physiological inertia is more stable, and has extremely high resilience, any material that produces pressure to it will not produce, silica gel tube will not appear bigger or smaller, its exterior pressure is strong and has anti-static characteristic.

Silica gel tubes are widely used in comparison with foaming silicone bars, whether we live or work, can easily see, life in the use of drinking fountains, refrigerators, disinfection cabinets, water heaters, rice cookers, fruit pulp machine, in the industry has a large CNC machinery, mold equipment, extrusion machine tools, molding machine.

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