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What Physical Characteristics Of Silicon Rubber Products Affect Quality
May 03, 2017

1. Viscosity of silicone rubber. The internal friction or flow resistance between the molecules and the viscosity and the flow of the external force. The viscosity and hardness are usually proportional to the condition. The viscosity is small, the phosphor easy mixing but easy to cause the deposition of phosphor, silicone rubber sealing ring need to control the operation time, while the viscosity small silica gel speed.

2. Hardness of silicone rubber. The ability of the material to resist the hard material on its surface is called hardness, and the time and temperature of heating curing can also change the hardness without destroying other physical characteristics.

3, Silicone rubber products physical characteristics: Silicone rubber tensile strength. Tensile strength refers to the force required to cause a specimen of a rubber material to be torn in each range unit. Many people would ask how much of the silicone stretch should be mild? The tensile strength of silicone rubber has two kinds of states: the tensile strength of the vulcanized rubber 2 to 5MPa, reinforcing the tensile strength of vulcanized rubber 4 to 10MPa.

4. Curing time of silicone rubber. Popular is curing time, refers to after such a long time the curing reaction of silica gel basically ended, if the product cost is not considered, reduce the temperature, prolong the sulfur time, vulcanization more fully, the effect will be better.

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