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The Applications of Silicone Sponge Sheet
Aug 07, 2017

Sponge silicone is a kind of special comprehensive performance wide rubber, with excellent electrical insulation properties, aging resistance, chemical stability, oxidation resistance weatherability, radiation resistance, with physiological inertness, good ventilation, high and low temperature resistance, -60 ℃ ~ 250 ℃ long-term use. As the sponge silicone rubber has many excellent performance, can solve some of the national defense industry, civil industry equipment on all aspects of supporting needs.

1, transportation: ship building industry applications: automotive brake cap. Bowls. Hose. Seal ring. The shaft seal of the exhaust system. Spark plug sets. Ignition line Piston ring. Silicone Sponge Rotor Engine Dynamic "O" Ring. Marine shockproof parts. Hydraulic system seals, oil seals and so on.

2, instrumentation, instrumentation industry applications: a variety of regulators in the sensitive components of the diaphragm, the instrument with heat, resistance to needle rubber sheet (high to engage in silicone rubber). Indicator color lamp cover. Drying oven. Electric furnace. Far infrared heater door seal, strip. Sponge door seals (replace toxic asbestos seals). The boiler is sealed. Refrigeration device seals and hoses. Instrument shock absorber. All kinds of silicone rubber lead wire (for capacitive light glow, coil. Transformer. Transformer. For lead wire) refrigerator defrost line. Heating lines and so on.

3, medical care: all kinds of catheter, drainage tube. Silicone rubber bionic products.

Selection of imported polymer foam material, closed-cell foam technology, silicone sponge foam density 0.3 ~ 0.5 adjustable, uniform foam aperture, soft, flexible, glossy surface, wear, resistance to electromagnetic aging.

1, the use of imported polymer foam, closed-cell foam effect is excellent, uniform foam, air tightness, thermal conductivity, solvent permeability and so far better than ordinary rubber foam.

2, high tear-resistant silicone material to ensure that the surface of the conductive sponge products, wear resistance, flexibility, resistance to high and low temperature performance requirements, can be cold in the cold -60 degrees, high temperature 260 degrees environment.

3, the use of carbon guide material, conductive sponge resistance: 10 ˉ 3 ~ 10 ˉ 5; silicone sponge anti-static sponge: 10 ˉ 6 ~ 10 ˉ 9, resistance uniform, stable, very excellent resistance to electromagnetic aging, long service life

Application industry: electronic industry anti-static vibration pad, toys conductive track, instrument anti-static jacket, laser printer conductive roller, high-speed copier electromagnetic roller, medical equipment, such as anti-static casing.



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