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The future development of silicone industry in China is very good.
May 03, 2017

Now the silicone industry in China has matured, the linkage effect has begun to emerge, and many silicone rubber products are widely used in people's daily production life, this shows that the future development of China's silicone industry is very good prospects.

Silicone rubber seals According to the relevant data reported: At present from the rubber consumption of the situation, natural rubber accounted for 41.8%, styrene-butadiene and BR accounted for 28.4%, and silicone rubber is usually only used in building sealant, conductive buttons, such as a few non-tire areas, only accounted for the total consumption of rubber 6.4%. As a result, with silicone rubber in parts of the non-tire subdivision of the alternative to other rubber species, its consumption will multiply, the market space will be further opened.

This indicates that the development foreground of silica gel industry is considerable. Silicone industry is a capital-intensive and high-tech industry, compared to labor-intensive industries will have a better development momentum, silica gel raw materials mainly used in electronic appliances, medical equipment, infant supplies and other major industries, covering a wide range, and many formerly used rubber products will be gradually replaced by silica gel.

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