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What are the common causes of deformation of O-rings
May 03, 2017

Improper use of O-ring can accelerate damage and performance will be lost. The experiments show that the sealing device is reasonably designed and simply raises the pressure and does not cause damage. Under high pressure and high temperature working conditions, the material will be permanently deformed.

Foaming silicone Strip Introduction as a better O-ring for the use of synthetic rubber material is a viscoelastic material, so the use of a period of time after the compression and resilience of the initial volume of blocking capacity, will produce permanent deformation and lost, ultimately leakage. Permanent deformation and elastic disappearance are the main reasons for the loss of the property of O-ring seals, and the following are the reasons for the deformation of O-ring.

1, compression rate and tensile permanent deformation

The compressive stress relaxation is produced by the various formulas of the rubber O-ring and the compression stress decreases with the increase of time. The longer the use of time, the compression rate and the greater the amount of tensile, by the stress relaxation of the rubber, resulting in a large, elastic seal ring shortage, loss of sealing capacity. Therefore, under conditions permitting use, minimizing compression ratios is desirable. Increasing the section size of the O-ring is a simple way to reduce the compression ratio, but it increases the size of the structure.

2, O-Ring relaxation process temperature relationship

Foaming silicone strip describes the use temperature is an important factor for the deformation of O-ring. The high temperature accelerates the aging of the rubber material, the higher working temperature, and the compression permanent deformation is greater to the O-ring. When permanent deformation is greater than 40%, O-ring loses the ability to seal leaks. Due to the compression deformation of the initial stress value material in the rubber O-ring, the O-ring relaxation process and the cooling effect and the reduction are gradually disappeared.

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