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What is Ironing Table for Garment Industry
May 25, 2017

What Is Ironing Table And How Ironing Table Works


The ironing table can be divided into flat ironing machine and press press table according to the function. And it can be divided into no arm, single arm and double arm ironing table according to its structure. According to the way of starting, it can be divided into point movement and foot press table.


Main structure:

Ironing table with "V" funnel type wind principle design, so that the work table suction force will be strong, the work condition will be good. And it built in motor driven pumping and blowing valve.

It is equipped with electric heating tube with constant temperature. It is quick and durable to make sure the face is wet and clean.

Equipped with high quality motor and fan, mute effect is better. More powerful suction.

Equipped with two pedal power switch, it can make the pumping and blowing change convenient and quick.


Working principle:

The centrifugal motor is rotated at high speed to generate a strong airflow downward, and the suction produced by the self suction air device is prevented during the ironing process to prevent the fabric from moving with the iron, and the newly ironed fabric is quickly cooled and shaped.

Ironing table is mainly used in garment manufacture.

Ironing table is one of the necessary professional equipment for steam ironing.

The suraface of ironig table will use the open cell silicone sponge sheet, silicone foam sheet with holes, strech fabric, rebonded foam pad, non-strech fabric, white PU felt and so on.

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