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How To Determine The Quality Of Silicone Products Correctly
May 03, 2017

Quality judgment method of silicone Products:

1, from the aspect of the characteristics of the feel, silica gel product toughness, elasticity is very good, not easy because of external force and permanent deformation, and feel smoother, and fake silicone products easily deformed, and feel the rough, because the fake silicone rubber seal surface is not a layer of grease-like substances.

2, from the characteristic aspect, silica gel product is non-toxic tasteless colorless product, the texture is good, does not endanger the human body, but the general fake silica gel product is that achieves these effects, the fake silicone product generally is poisonous has the pungent smell, but also is comparatively rough!

3, how to distinguish whether the silicone products are eligible, as silica gel products are molded, and a large part of the good product is by the mold design is reasonable at this time I need to check whether the wing of the product cracks, silicone products once cracked, the entire product has lost effect, and this phenomenon is caused by the design of the seam edge of the mold is reasonable, so we check the silicone products, we must not let go of the product's fatal defect screening.

4, tear strength of high silica gel products, the ability to resist damage to prominent, long life, silicone rubber seal is not susceptible to external environmental disturbance, the tear strength of the silica gel products are generally manifested in tearing process prone to cracks, resulting in the rapid expansion of the force when cracking caused by the phenomenon of destruction.

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