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What is the reason for aging of silicone rubber seals?
May 03, 2017

Seal is a kind of material used to seal some products, its main role is to play a good wind, dustproof, moisture-proof effect, so that many special material storage is convenient, but the use of a long time will appear aging phenomenon, this should be worthy of attention.

Rubber seal Aging mainly refers to the use or storage of rubber in the process of the table to buy the occurrence of cracks, hardening, discoloration, cracks, in general, silicone rubber sealing strip aging causes about three aspects:

1, the main is the natural environment, oxygen, ozone and other air components of the impact, mainly the occurrence of the oxidation of the molecular chain of rubber rupture, but the effect of ozone and oxygen is not the same degree, ozone oxidation is more destructive.

2, light and moisture influence, this is the key factor of accelerated aging, the moisture in the air is the necessary conditions to soften the rubber occurrence, and light is the main reason to promote its discoloration, long-term sunlight is easy to soften the rubber deformation.

3, temperature, the effect of the rubber is still relatively large, mainly in the cold winter will make rubber hardening serious words can cause rubber rupture.

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